Pre-Buy Pricing Plan

Pay for your propane during the summer months so you don’t have to worry about it later. This plan allows you to pay for the gallons of fuel you require for the heating season up front. You receive a fixed rate for the number of gallons you choose to purchase.

  • Pay for your fuel in advance with one simple payment.
  • Includes the benefits of Automatic Delivery, so you always have the fuel you need.

Stable Propane Pricing Plan

Tired of unpredictable propane prices?The Stable Propane Pricing Plan gives you one fixed rate for the fuel you secure with your contract. While market rates may rise or fall, your rate remains the same. We insure your pricing and take the price risk off the table. By transferring the risk to the suppliers you are guaranteed a fixed rate for the number of gallons you choose. With the Stable Propane plan we can guarantee you a monthly payment that will not increase if prices go up. Take the Pain out of Propane with greater peace of mind from our Stable Propane Plan.

  • Receive a guaranteed fixed price that will not change for the term of your contract.
  • If prices go up you stay protected with your special fixed price.
  • Includes the benefits of Automatic Delivery and the Easy Pay Plan.

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Easy Pay Pricing Plan

We believe in allowing our customers to choose which best suits their needs. With the Easy Pay plan, you are allowed to follow the market. We will set you up for equal monthly payments based off of projected future prices. If the market turns lower you may pay a lower rate, but the price risk remains with you on the upside. Your month payment is subject to adjust in the event that the market rate surpasses the price used in calculating your monthly payments.